Homer + Generation 84 at Gonzo, Ninove (FREE SHOW)

23-12-2017 21:00

THURSDAY 23/12/2017 @ Gonzo, Ninove
A free punkrock show with:

It’s hard to think of a punkrockscene without Homer, yet 2018 will mark the 20th anniversary of the band as well as the end of the band. Drenched in punkrock, DIY spirit high, combining influences from metal, hardcore, and a dedication and power that is rarely found after such a long existance as band! What more reasons do we need to have them over for a last round in our area?! Exactly, none!

Generation 84
Although being around for quite a while, 2017 equals a new beginning for this punkrock outfit. During the writing of their latest album “Relentless” two bandmember left the band, yet this setback did not slow down Generation 84. They found a new energy and inspiration boost and quickly blended in their band members in the writing process. Now they are ready to give their final punkrocksalute to old label mates Homer.